Foodventure Episode 1

Awhile back we actually saw this thai restaurant called Chai Thai on facebook and videos of its shibuya toast is literally crawling all over our feed. So we figured we had to give it a try.

I must say this is one of the best decisions we have made in our food life (fuelled by 50% off thanks to Burplee) cause the shibuya toast is really a gem hidden within the CBD area!

We ordered the black charcoal toast along with the thai milk tea sauce dip (another option is pandan dip)…and it was just so good…as cliche as it sounds, I think the best way to describe it is still the standard “crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside”. Coupled with the milk tea sauce this shibuya toast is simply heavenly!!

We also ordered 2 drinks along with the toast : thai milk tea ice blended as well as the butterfly pea tea.

The ice blended milk tea is definitely what we needed given Singapore’s fiery weather recently… however the taste may be abit too bland for some of you. Maybe they could have increased the milk tea to ice ratio. Still a decent refresher nevertheless.

We ordered the butterfly pea tea as facebook shows that the drink actually changes colour upon addition of lemon. While that is definitely evident, the colour change was not as drastic as that shown in the video. We could have done it wrongly though!! Other than that, the taste is definitely unique – not too sweet or sour – just the right balance

Do not be deterred by their high prices. The servings are extra generous as we saw other tables ordering food. So maybe next time when we are richer we will come back for their food! Will definitely be back for the toast again though!! Have to try their pandan dip!

Food : 8/10 (based on the toast alone)

Pricing : 7/10 (theres some promotions when you flash the Burplee app on your phone. Not sure if it is still ongoing or not)

Service : 6/10 (OK, but they can be more enthusiastic. They did not know there was an ongoing promotion with Burplee but at least they checked for us with their boss)

Cha Thai

#01-01 SINGAPORE, 80 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 048466

For dinner, we went deeper in to another shop…which I think is already quite famous : Wanton Noodle Bar! They sell small bowls of noodles here for 1.90 each! Its really unique. You can choose to order individual bowls of noodles with dishes inside already or go for tze char style kind of ordering with the 1.90 bowls and obviously, sharing is caring. So we ordered tze char style!

We ordered their salted egg chicken wings and stir fried minced pork.

The salted egg chicken wing was decent. Not very fragrant but still acceptable salted egg taste (I have very high standard for salted egg sauce… im sure most of you will find this better than most of the salted eggs outside) and the chicken wings were boneless which makes it really easy to eat! I for one actually prefer eating those with bones so I dont actually gobble down the food so fast…especially those that tastes as nice as this!

The minced pork was really special. At first we regretted our choice when we realized it is a cold dish but the taste is really unique and different from what we normally eat! So its a pleasant surprise for us! Good portion size as well.

But definitely the highlight is still their 1.90 noodle which has just the right texture and taste. You can even top it up with their free flow pork lard (really the real reason I love this place) and soup!

Overall, a nice place with good atmosphere for a chill night with affordable and decent food. This was already the 2nd time I have been here and I believe there will still be a 3rd!

Food – 7/10

Pricing – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Wanton, Seng’s Noodle Bar

52 Amoy Street
Singapore 069878

Do you guys have any recommendations for shibuya toasts in Singapore or JB? Feel free to leave a comment!

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