Kenjo Salon Experience

Believe it or not, this is actually the very first time I entered a salon to have my hair done. And this is one of the experiences I will never forget. My first impression of Kenjo Salon is that it is very classy and has this luxurious vibe to it. Just check out the image of the salon below:

Kenjo Salon Store Front

If you guys haven’t already known, I actually have very curly and frizzy hair naturally. And although I do my best to style it using hair straighteners and hair dryers, it does get very tiring and frustrating at times. It was so heartening to be able to share this concern with my stylist at Kenjo Salon and he recommended for me to get the Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment to straighten and relieve the frizzyness of my hair. So let me tell you more about this DYNA Treatment and how it is different from the usual Keratin Treatment. DYNA treatment is a cysteine based treatment that contains 100% NO FORMALDEHYDE.  What exactly is Formaldehyde? For the uninformed, let me quote something from Wikipedia’s page on Formaldehyde — ” In view of its widespread use, toxicity, and volatility, formaldehyde poses a significant danger to human health. In 2011, the US National Toxicology Program described formaldehyde as “known to be a human carcinogen”.” Formaldehyde is apparently found in many Keratin Treatment products and unbelievably, even in those that claimed to be “Formaldehyde-free”!! In view of the above, I can confidently say that the DYNA treatment offered at Kenjo Salon is definitely the safer option.

As with all first time salon visitors, we all have some expectations and fears. Now let me share some insights with you regarding the “expectations vs reality” moments I had about the Mucota DYNA treatment. Witnessing how my my sisters’ rebonded hair often seem so lifeless and dead, I expected my hair to become “limp” and dry after rebonding, but I was so pleasantly surprised to find that my hair is actually very shiny, hydrated and bouncy after my rebonding session. That was when I knew that “THIS IS NO ORDINARY HAIR REBONDING TREATMENT”. My hair literally dances in the wind now (when its not waxed up of course) 😛

I also initially expected my hair to smell like “rotten eggs” after the session because of the bad experiences my sisters had. But my-my, my hair actually smells really good now. If I could use one fruit to describe it, it actually smells like coconut. A pleasant and sweet smell.

I know it seems so odd that the reality is actually better than the expectations, but this is what you get at Kenjo Salon. 🙂

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To summarize my experience into one sentence, my frizzy, curly and messy hair was tamed into this clean and fresh straight cut and I am so in love with it ❤


I invite you to come steal my look or invent your own look with the hair stylists at Kenjo Salon today.

My first picture after the delightful salon experience 😛

Quote “jeronblahblah” to get 15% off your first visit.

 *** Students below 18 get a 20% off all services! ***


Kenjo Hair Salon
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing),
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6238 8083
Daily / 11:00am – 8:00pm

Kenjo Salon’s Social Media Pages:
Kenjo Salon Official Website



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