Movie Review: Wonder Woman 2017

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So we went to catch Wonder Woman – A DC Comic based superhero movie.

DC has established themselves as “beneath Marvel” movie wise because of the lowly rated ‘Batman vs Superman’ and the overly hyped ‘Suicide Squad’. But I can say Wonder Woman has definitely turned the tide for them!! (I personally feel Suicide Squad wasn’t even that bad, it was just TOO hyped and expectations for it was too high)

“The perfect combination of Glamour and Grim”

Wonder Woman has everything you need – Just the right balance of hardcore action, romance, comedy, friendship, visual appeal and also a little Greek mythology (omg!)  Do we even need to talk about Gal Gadot’s charm? Her beauty is one marked by strength and passion which is why I feel that the casting was done perfectly.

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There were also the necessary tear-jerking moments when you just need to grab the tissue paper or lie your face backwards so that the tears don’t flow out. *not going to spoil*

I really hope DC can continue to up their game (or maintain) and I believe they will catch up to Marvel soon! (PERSONALLY, I feel Marvel’s last few movies were..not as good as they were in the past..such as Civil War). To be honest, I don’t even really remember when I was last impressed with Marvel. Maybe the first Avengers or Days of Future Past? But other than that none of the others really left a huge impact on me.

With that being said, I am still very excited for both Marvel and DC’s upcoming movies and I definitely will catch all of them!

I give it 9/10 stars! (Not 10 because definitely no movie is flawless but this is really as good as it can go I feel)

For those out there who have yet caught the film, I strongly encourage you to do so! This is truly DC at its best (up to date).


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