Foodventure Episode 3: Buono Trattoria


Any Italian food fan here? Cause you’re in luck!

Buono Trattoria is a newly opened Italian Restaurant conveniently located at the basement of Vivocity. The exquisite and brightly-lit design of the restaurant makes it difficult to miss and especially inviting which is what caught our attention!

Fortunately, we were really hungry at that time (especially me since I just arrived back in Singapore earlier that day) so we had a lot of space in our stomach to accommodate what Buono has to offer.

As usual, we started off the meal with our personal favourite appetizer – Mushroom Soup.

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From the first mouth, we could already tell that the soup is 100% homemade, as evident from the super creamy texture of the soup and the abundance of mushroom bits. What makes this mushroom soup really special and stands out from the rest is the addition of chicken broth which gives off the hint of chicken soup taste that surprisingly goes really well with the mushroom soup. Accompanied with their crispy garlic bread bits, we were glad that our meal started off with a boom!

Next our second appetizer – a combination of their special Frittura Di Calamari and Crispy Chicken Wings.

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Their Chicken Wings is marinated and deep fried to perfection, with an additional coating of spice on top of the crispy skin. The taste is not only limited to the skin but is also present in the meat as well! Perfect for someone who likes a classic favourite with a kick of spice!

As opposed to the chicken wing, their calamari complements the whole dish by adding a tinge of sweetness. With sweet paprika and fresh herbs coatings, the calamari is the perfect balance of freshness and sweetness.

So some mains we ordered includes the ever famous Ravioli as well as Chicken Pesto Pasta and Hawaiian Pizza.

Baked Porcini Mushroom Ravioli

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Layers of mozzarella, parmesan and bechamel sauce put together. The result? A creamy, milky and cheesy texture that melts in your mouth. Coupled with their home made bolognaise wrapped in between the raviolis, this dish is a true Italian masterpiece!

Linguine Chicken & Pesto

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Usually if this item shows up in my menu, I won’t give it a second thought. But it was their signature pasta so I decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did so. This pasta is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Firstly, the pasta is mixed so well such that every mouth comes with the right balance of linguine, chicken pieces and their creamy and thick pesto sauce.

Secondly, their sauce is like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. There’s a hint of some kinds of beans or nuts within the sauce. After clarification with the staff here, we found out that they actually used pine nuts in the making of their sauce! This makes the whole pasta tasted amazing and exotic! Super impressed! A must try when you visit Buono.

Hawaiian Pizza

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You either love or hate Hawaiian pizza because of the pineapple. Well, fortunately we are those who LOVE it and the Hawaiian here further fortified our love. The pineapple they use tasted super fresh! (I personally suspect that they only cut and add in the fruit right before they send the pizza in for baking).

Also, the taste of the combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham is further intensified due to their super thin pizza crust. Personally, we love pizzas but hate it when the crust is too thick, which sometimes results in the bread-y or flour-y taste being too overwhelming. But Buono throws this concern of ours right out the window! Despite being super thin, the crust is still perfectly crispy and flavourful which adds to the texture of the pizza on the whole.

To be honest we were already so full after the delightful mains. But we refused to leave this place without a dessert. (After all, desserts go to a different stomach right?)

So we tried their Panna Cotta – the classic Italian dessert.

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Okay honestly I had no idea it came with mango sauce on top as I personally don’t really like mango but I decided to give it a try anyway.

And I’m happy to say that this dessert won my heart nevertheless! The thickened and sweetened cream mixed with the mango sauce is something that is really special for me.

Something special about Buono is that they actually allow you to customize your own pastas and pizzas at very affordable prices! So fret not if you are not a fan of pineapple on top of pizzas. In this restaurant, you call the shots! 



Not only that, they also have a special tea time menu from 3-5pm for those who are seeking a light snack in between lunch and dinner.


The rest of menu is here :


Buono Trattoria

1 Habourfront Walk #B2-27 & 27A [VivoCity Level B2]

Highlights info row image 6358 2582
11:00AM – 10:00PM Daily
Buono Trattoria Facebook:
Buono Trattoria Instagram:
They are also available on Food Panda!

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