Classic Open Terrarium

Thanks so much @mojo.atelier for the very enriching workshop! I never thought that I would be able to learn how to build my own terrarium on the spot. @mojo.atelier also provides many other workshops, such as dream-catcher crafting, flower arrangement and candle-making just to name a few. I would say that this is a truly enchanting experience!! @aadvark is an inspirational educator, he really knows the history and meaning behind every craft, and shares interesting insights.

Go check out @mojo.atelier on instagram and facebook as well.

I wonder that my next workshop will be! 🙂

My very own Classic Open Terrarium!!


Processed with Rookie Cam
Truly enjoyable and therapeutic experience. It was a very meaningful bonding session. From every person’s craft hides a hint of their personality you have yet to discover.


Processed with Rookie Cam
Closed-up Shot

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